7~Day Transformational Journey

The 7~Day Transformational Journey (7DTJ) is a dynamic and experiential workshop that journeys through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. It shows us how to do away with past non-working mental and emotional patterns and habits. The journey reconnects us with the powerful healing energy of the heart, setting our spirit free.


An Experiential Learning Journey Awaits You!


We promote the 7 Day Transformational Journey based on our philosophy and our vision and mission, “Build People Psychologically, Uplift Them Spiritually and the People will Build the Nation”.


Our Philosophy


Our philosophy is concerning Nature, Science, and ‘Existence’ (Primordial); The Truth As It Is through enlightened awareness; also known as Meta-Physics.


Our Journey’s Intention


Our Journey’s Intention is to create a clear mind (free of mental block) with a positive attitude (looking at life from the right perspective) and attributes of compassion (getting in tune with the core through Anahatha Meditation) being the law and order of the day, to be in tandem with our vision, “Build People Psychologically, Uplift Them Spiritually and the People will Build the Nation”.


Two Faces of Personality Development


The program shall bring out two faces of personality development that essentially matter: psychological and spiritual growth. No matter how far we grow intellectually, financially or professionally, if growing psychologically and spiritually, we will able us to live a balanced life. Today, a successful life is measured by the underlying strength of a healthy and joyful psychological and spiritual life. The method that is used by the master to lift us up to this highly necessary awareness is unique in the sense that Eastern and Western techniques are combined for added effectiveness.


Founding Patron:
Paranjothi Subramaniam
Sakuntala S. Suppiah

Established 26th May 1999
Reg. No. PPM - 017- 14-26051999

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